The Power of Tapping

Your Troubles Away

What Is EFT?

(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT is a way to affect how emotions are integrated in the energy system of your body. The technique can be learned in individual or group settings. You are taught where to tap your fingers on the energy pathways while stating thoughts relevant to the emotional issues of concern.

How Long Does EFT

Take To Work?

Within minutes a person feels improvement in emotional distress levels. With EFT some problems can be resolved in a single session although it is also common for problems to have several aspects that may need attention. People often are so enthusiastic about the results of their first session that they work on issues on their own, resolve them, and return to the EFT practitioner to learn more.

Is EFT Hard To Learn?

The techniques are easy to learn and use. Best of all, once learned, they’re yours and always available.

How Precise

Do You Have To Be?

New students learning the basic formula of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques sometimes worry about accuracy. Although learning the basic pattern is useful, we expect to modify it to suit specific needs. The order of tapping, where to tap, and the words used vary widely and become more effective by allowing both the practitioner and the client’s intuition enter into the process.

EFT is wonderfully flexible.

Like talk therapy it allows freedom to verbally explore any subject. Long-term emotional traumas and anxiety are dissolved while insights are absorbed so quickly that they become applicable immediately.

Even negative emotions are used productively.

EFT, a cousin of acupuncture, stimulates the same energy pathways called meridians in Chinese medicine. However, needles are not used and healing focuses on emotional symptoms rather than physical ones.

EFT is similar to using affirmations while addressing the “yes, but” that sometimes comes up and interferes with belief. The techniques support choosing new feelings, an undertaking many people find daunting.

EFT, like hypnosis, uses a rhythmic flow of words while tapping increases focus on problems in a relaxed and accepting state, allowing new doorways of healing to open.

EFT is like kinesthetic learning in the way physical movement supports attention to speed up learning.

EFT’s meditative quality encourages objective insight to arise from within the individual.

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is still considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Those who want to use EFT for a specific physical condition should first consult with a professional in the health field.



Emotional Freedom


give hope to those

who may be discouraged

by years of unproductive


Use EFT to treat:

• trauma (abuse, accidents, war)

• obstinate thoughts and feelings

• depression

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• phobias

• physical conditions with emotional factors

• sensitivities that make the use

  of pharmaceuticals difficult,

  if not ill advised.

• creative blocks

For more information about EFT

see Gary Craig’s website

For information about other

energy psychotherapies:

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Practitioner and clients tap on acupuncture meridians to move emotional energy.